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Chew Deterrent for Dogs 250ml – Yucky-B

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Yucky-B Chew Deterrent is your ultimate solution to deter unwanted pet behaviors. Our bitter-tasting formula, enriched with lemon oil, orange oil, tea tree oil, and a powerful bitter agent, effectively discourages biting, chewing, licking, and scratching in pets.


  • Safe and non-toxic for pets: Our formula relies on the power of natural ingredients, ensuring the safety and well-being of your beloved pets.
  • Alcohol and harsh chemical
  • Easy to use & Provides Lasting
  • Effective in discouraging chewing, licking, scratching, and

How to Use:

Simply spray the deterrent on any surface that you want to protect. The bitter taste will deter your pet from chewing or licking the surface.


  • Helps to create a happier and healthier environment for your
  • Easily protect your home by applying Yucky – B to furniture, wires, shoes, belongings, and other surfaces from damage.
  • Can help to prevent bad habits from

Transform your home into a pet-friendly haven and preserve your belongings with Yucky-B Chew Deterrent. End the battle against unwanted behaviors and embrace a more peaceful coexistence with your pets.

Weight ,28 kg


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