Dr.Zoo Treats for Dogs STICKS MAX with Chorizo 50g

د.م. 8,00

Soft treats reminiscent of the appearance of sticks with the flavor of chorizo salami will especially impress your dog with their distinctive smell.

The MAX STICKS batons differ from the classic STICKS batons especially in their length. They are a little shorter, but there are more of them in the package.

Ingredients: cereals, meat and animal by-products, glucose, minerals, additives: preservatives, dyes, flavorings.

Analysis: proteins min. 12 %, fat max. 4 %, fiber max. 1,2 %, minerals max. 3 %, moisture max. 22 %.

Recommended daily dosage: 
• dogs up to 5 kg – max. 3 pcs / day
• dogs 6-10kg – max. 6 pcs/day
• dogs 11-15kg – max. 20 pcs / day
• dogs 16-20kg – max. 24 pcs / day
• dogs over 20kg – max. 32 pcs / day

Weight ,06 kg


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