Mera Chunks in Gravy for Kittens with Poultry 85g

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MERA finest fit Kitten is a wet food for adult cats. Gently steamed with chicken and forest fruits helps with the healthy development of young cats.

  • With lots of fresh chicken
  • Refined with forest fruits
  • Inulin for developing a stable intestinal flora
  • Optimal all-round care

That is why our recipe deliberately avoids using:
Cereals (gluten), exotic meat sources, colourings, flavours and preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, sugar, soy, vitamin K3.

Complete food for growing cats.

The wet food finest fit Kitten is coordinated with the special needs of young and adult cats up to one years of age. The tasty combination of chicken and forest fruits is a welcome change from the dry food. The wet food can support the growth of your cat due to the adapted protein and energy content. This means nothing stands in the way of a healthy start in life.

A species-appropriate and holistic nutrition is the focus of our finest fit products. The appropriate dry food, wet food and snacks are coordinated with your cat’s specific stages in life or special needs.


Chicken (72% consisting of chicken heart, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken stomach, chicken neck), 
25% stock, 1% minerals, 0.5% raspberries, 0.5% blackberries, 0.5% blueberries, 0.2% inulin, 0.1% salmon oil, 0.1% sunflower oil, 0.1% brewer’s yeast.

Analytical constituents

Protein 11.5%, fat content 6%, raw fibre 0.4%, crude ash 2.2%, moisture 79%.

Additives per kg

nutritional additives: Vitamin D3 200 IE., zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate), 25mg, manganese (as manganese-II-sulphate, monohydrate) 1.4mg, copper (as copper-II-sulphate, pentahydrate) 1mg, iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 0.75mg, taurine 500mg.

Feeding suggestion: Serve at room temperature, store in a cool and dry place.

age, months pouches
1-4 until to 3
4-8 until to 4
8-12 until to 5
Information is indicative
Weight 0,09 kg


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