Pro Plan Chunks in Gravy for Cats with Digestive Sensitivity with Ocean Fish 85g

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Ocean Fish Sauce Sachets for Cats with Sensitive Digestion.

Highly digestible thanks to high quality ingredients.*

Proven to promote good digestive health with inulin, a prebiotic that helps balance the intestinal flora of delicate cats.*

Helps reduce skin reactions linked to food sensitivity.*

To the fish of the ocean.

PRO PLAN® Delicate Nutrisavour™ is a complete and balanced food for cats, which provides all the essential nutrients, including a Prebiotic proven to promote good digestive health.


Meat and animal by-products

Plant protein extracts

Fish and fish by-products (including 4% ocean fish)

Oils and fats

Plant-based by-products

Mineral substances


Nutrition and analytical constituents:

Humidity: 78.0%

Protein: 12.6%

Fat: 3.8%

Carbohydrates: 3%

Raw ashes: 2.3%

Crude fiber: 0.3%

Taurine: 638 mg/kg

Nutritional additives:

Calcium: 0.33%

Phosphorus: 0.25%

Ca/P ratio: 1.33%

Sodium: 0.15%

Chlorine: 0.14%

Potassium: 0.18%

Magnesium: 0.02%


Iron: 35.32;

Copper: 2.88;

Manganese: 3.66;

Iodine: 0.5;

Zinc: 28.72;

Selenium: 0.11.


Vit A: 18,542;

Vit D3: 245;

Vit E: 322.


Vit K: 0.13;

Vit B1: 18.55;

Vit B2: 4.79;

Vit B3: 47.42;

Vit B5: 11.88;

Vit B6: 2.03;

Vit B8: 0.10;

Vit B9: 0.59;

Vit B12: 0.05.

Essential fatty acids

Omega-6: 1.22%

Linoleic acid: 1.09%

Omega-3: 0.17%

Arachidonic acid: 0.14%



Metabolizable energy (calculated): 0.95.

Feeding guide:

For an adult cat weighing around 4kg, give 3 sachets per day, preferably divided into at least 2 meals. Daily rations are based on cats with moderate activity under normal temperature conditions. The needs vary according to the cat, the food ration must therefore be adjusted in order to maintain it at its ideal weight. Serve at room temperature. Clean, fresh water should always be available. For the health of your cat, consult your veterinarian regularly. Store the sachets closed in a cool, dry place.

How much does your cat weigh?

Poids (kg) Sachet / Jour
2 2
4 3
6 5
Weight ,1 kg


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