OWNAT Classic Kibbles for Cats with Fish 1.5Kg

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Made with fresh fish, contains additional amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin and silky, shiny hair. For all breeds of adult cats.
Main ingredients
Apple Apple
Wholegrain barleyWholegrain barley
Wholegrain riceWholegrain rice
Other ingredients
Aromatic herbsAromatic herbs
Brewer's yeastBrewer’s yeast
Yucca schidigeraYucca schidiger
Dehydrated meats 22%, fish 15% (fresh fish* 10% before extrusion, dehydrated fish 5%), whole wheat* (15%), chicken fat, whole barley* (9%), whole maize* (9%), whole-grain rice* (6%), whole peas* (3%), maize protein, brewer’s yeast* (2%), hydrolysed chicken protein, apple* (1%), salmon oil, beet pulp, fructo- and mannan-oligosaccharides, aromatic herbs 0.02% (fennel*, camomile flower*, green anise*), yucca schidigera. *NATURAL INGREDIENTS
Analytical components:
Protein: 30%, fat content: 14%, crude fibre: 2%, inorganic matter: 8%, moisture: 8%, calcium: 1.4%, phosphorus: 1%.
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