Pro Plan Kibbles for Sterilized Cats Renal with Turkey 1.5kg

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RENAL PLUS is a unique formulation that maintains healthy kidney function*.

Designed specifically to maintain healthy kidneys thanks to an improvement in oxidative parameters observed after 6 weeks**.

Specifically formulated for sterilized cats to maintain good urinary health and ideal weight and tartar accumulation.

Helps protect teeth against plaque and tartar buildup.

No added colorings. No added flavors.

Complete food for maintaining the good health of adult cats (1 year and over) castrated or sterilized.

PURINA® PRO PLAN® STERILIZED sterilized cat food is scientifically formulated to meet the specific needs of sterilized cats. With this diet rich in protein and moderate in fat, PRO PLAN® helps your sterilized cat maintain an ideal weight.

In addition, RENAL PLUS technology contains a specific combination of ingredients that maintains healthy kidney function*

PRO PLAN® STERILIZED RENAL PLUS is formulated with high quality Rabbit. No added colorings. No added flavors.

*This product is designed to keep cats healthy. If your cat requires specific kidney treatment, please consult your veterinarian.

**Purina internal research, 2006. Effects of a nutrient mixture on kidney health parameters in 40 cats over 3 months.


High quality chicken (19%) (including back and chest)

Dehydrated poultry proteins


Corn protein flour

Wheat gluten


Low wheat flour

High quality rabbit (4%) (including chest)

Dried plant fibers


Dehydrated eggs

Mineral substances

Fish oil

Animal fats



Nutrition and analytical constituents

Humidity 6.0%

Protein 41.0%

Fat 12.0%

Carbohydrates 29.5%

Crude fiber 4.0%

Raw ashes 7.5%

Taurine 1826 mg/kg

Nutrient contents & average caloric intake in food


Calcium: 1.36%

Phosphorus: 1.11%

Ca/P ratio: 1.22

Sodium: 0.38%

Chlorine: 0.73%

Potassium: 0.81%

Magnesium: 0.11%

Iron: 274 mg/kg

Zinc: 161 mg/kg

Copper: 20 mg/kg

Manganese: 57 mg/kg

Iodine: 2.62 mg/kg

Selenium: 0.50 mg/kg


Vit A: 22229 IU/kg

Vit D3: 1206 IU/kg

Vit E: 587 IU/kg

Vit C: 70 mg/kg

Vit K: 0.17 mg/kg

Vit B1: 30 mg/kg

Vit B2: 16 mg/kg

Vit B3: 187 mg/kg

Vit B5: 50 mg/kg

Vit B6: 21 mg/kg

Vit B8: 0.32 mg/kg

Vit B9: 5.21 mg/kg

Vit B12: 0.29 mg/kg


Omega-6: 1.69%

including linoleic acid: 1.60%

including arachidonic acid: 0.09%

Omega-3: 0.40%

EPA+DHA: 0.26%


Metabolizable energy (calculated): 3.69 Kcal/g

Protein-calorie ratio: 111

Power guide

The daily rations needed to maintain an ideal body mass vary depending on your cat’s age, activity and environment. Monitor your cat’s weight and adjust the amount of food accordingly. Clean, fresh water should always be available. For the health of your cat, consult your veterinarian regularly.

How much does your cat weigh?

Cat weight (kg) g / day

2 25

3 40

4 55

5 65

6 80

>6 + 15 g/kg

Weight 1,55 kg


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