Pro Plan Veterinary Chunks in Gravy for Cats with Urinary Problems 85g

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Promotes the production of undersaturated urine, limits the risk of formation of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.

Promotes optimal urinary composition to help dissolve struvite stones.

​Moderate level of fat and calories to help maintain ideal weight (obesity being a risk factor for MBAU).

Complete dietary salmon food, in fresh sachets, intended for cats suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FBD).

Lower Urinary Tract Disease (LUTD) may be linked to the presence of crystals or stones (often struvite or calcium oxalate) that form in the cat’s urine, or to an inflammation of the bladder called Cystitis. Feline Idiopathic (FIC). Whatever the cause, the affected cat may have difficulty urinating, blood in the urine and/or a change in behavior.

Depending on the type of urinary stones, they may be dissolved with a food specially formulated to help dissolve existing struvite stones (such as PURINA PRO PLAN VETERINARY DIETS Feline UR ST/OX URINARY) or may need to be surgically removed.

MBAUs are often recurrent and your veterinarian will be able to give you advice to limit the risk of recurrence.

PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS Feline UR ST/OX URINARY has been scientifically formulated to:

• Help dissolve crystals and struvite stones

• Help prevent the formation/recurrence of struvite stones

• Help reduce the recurrence of oxalate stones

• Facilitate the nutritional management of feline idiopathic cystitis by increasing the cat’s water consumption and increasing the volume of urine produced.

Feline UR ST/OX URINARY contains nutrients, such as omega 3 fatty acids and a natural source of glycosaminoglycans that contribute to the proper functioning of the urinary system.

Thanks to its moderate fat and calorie content, it contributes to maintaining an ideal weight, obesity being a risk factor for MBAUF.

Feline UR ST/OX URINARY is a dietary food available in several flavors and highly palatable to promote long-term acceptance.


Meat and animal by-products

Fish and fish by-products (salmon 7%)

Mineral substances


Plant-based by-products


Nutrition and analytical constituents:

Humidity: 80.7%

Protein: 9.5%

Fat content: 4.5%

Crude fiber: 0.6%

Raw ashes: 2.6%

Calcium: 0.16%

Phosphorus: 0.16%

Sodium: 0.36%

Potassium: 0.15%

Magnesium: 0.02%

Chlorides: 0.42%

Sulfur: 0.20%

Metabolizable energy*: 0.90 kcal/g.

*Calculated according to the NRC 2006 Struvite RSS value < 1 – Oxalate RSS value < 10 Urinary pH 6 – 6.3.

*Average for both varieties.

*These values ​​reflect the average nutrient levels in the product approximately 9 months after production. They correspond to the added nutrients and those naturally present in the ingredients of the formula.

Nutritional additives:


Vit A: 1000;

Vit D3: 140;

Vit E: 250.


Fe: 9.5;

I: 0.36;

Cu: 0.9;

Mn: 1.6;

Zn: 17;

Taurine: 1431;

Technological additives: Sodium bisulfate (1j514ii): 1000.

Feeding guide:

All indications for PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS mentioned are for the nutritional management of cats according to the disorders listed and do not preclude the medicinal management of the case.

Before use or before extending the duration of use, it is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

How much does your cat weigh?

Maintenance in adult cats

Poids du chat (kg) Sachets uniquement (sachet/jour) Alimentation mixte humide (sachet/jour) et sèche (g/jour)
2 kg 1 ½ + 15g
4 kg 2 ¼ 1 + 30g
6 kg 3 ¼ 2 + 30g

The following table is given for information purposes only. Adapt it to maintain your cat’s ideal weight. Remember to leave clean, fresh water available at all times. This food should only be used after consulting your veterinarian.

Weight ,09 kg


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