Gourmet Gold Terrine for Cats 4×85g

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Works with high-quality ingredients.

Alimentation is 100% complete and equipped for adult chats.

Sans colors used. Sans arômes artificiels ajoutés et sans conservateurs artificiels ajoutés.

Serve 85 grams of food to eat the rest of the fries and eat it.

This texture will taste different during the day.

The carton and the boxes in the interior are made up of recyclables.

You don’t need to call your chat to see the answers and you’ll also find different textures in different textures for your child’s room. GOURMET® GOLD A donc créé Les Terrines pour chat, delicieuses recettes évéilleront le palais de votre chat avec une expérience culinaire à different chaque décor. The favorite terrines are associated with fine bouchés in the pot, at home, or with other succulentes saved to offer to chat with a combination of appetizing textures. GOURMET® GOLD Territories, selected recipes for a gustative and irresistible experience!


Au Lapin:

Viandes and sous-animaux products (54%, don’t lapin 4%)

Substances minerales


Sous-origin vegetable products

Au Poulet:

Viandes and sous-animaux products (55%, don’t contain 14%)

Substances minerales


Sous-origin vegetable products

To the Agneau-Canard:

Viandes and sous-animaux products (57%, don’t add 4% and canard 4%)

Substances minerales


Sous-origin vegetable products

Au Saumon:

Viandes and sous-animaux products

Poissons and sous-poissons products (saumon 4%)

Substances minerales


Sous-origin vegetable products


Nutrition and analytical components:

Humidity: 78.0%

Protein: 12.0%

Teneur in grasses: 5.0%

Cendres brutes: 3.0%

Cellulose brute: 0.05%


Additifs nutritionnels:


Vitamin A: 800;

Vit D3: 122.


Sulfate of fer (II) monohydrate: (Fe: 9,2);

Iodate de calcium anhydre: (I: 0,22);

Sulfate (II) pentahydrate: (Cu: 0,80);

Sulfate manganese monohydrate: (Mn: 1,7);

Sulfate of zinc monohydrate: (Zn: 16,6);

Taurine: 500.


Feeding guide:

For an adult cat weighing around 4 kg, give 3 cans per day, preferably divided into at least 2-3 meals. The recommended daily rations are calculated for a cat with moderate activity under normal environmental and temperature conditions. Nutritional needs may vary depending on the cat, so these rations must be adjusted in order to maintain it at its ideal weight. Serve at room temperature. Always leave clean, fresh water available to your cat.

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