Gourmet Gold Mousse for Cats with turkey & duck 85g

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Gourmet Gold Tender Turkey and Duck Bites in Gravy for Cats is an award-winning, versatile cat food for cats of all breeds and ages. This food was developed based on the principle that cats are gourmets. According to the test result of the Warentest Foundation, where the pâté won first prize, it won thanks to its completeness and the balanced proportion of nutrients. This ratio of nutrients is essential for your cat’s optimal health. And of course it is nice that such a complete meal also offers your cat a tasty snack. The food comes in convenient boxes and contains duck and turkey in a tasty gravy.


Ingredients: Gourmet Gold Tender Turkey and Duck Bites

Composition: meat and animal by-products (including turkey 4%, duck 4%), cereals, minerals, sugar.

Analytical components: humidity: (82); Proteins: (7%); Fat: (3.2%); Raw ashes: (2.1%); Crude fibers: (0.07%).

Nutritional additives IU/kg: vit. A: 625; Lives. D3: 95; mg/kg: iron(II) sulfate monohydrate: 22.1; anhydrous calcium iodate: 0.28; copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate: 2.5; manganese(II) sulfate monohydrate: 4.3; zinc sulfate monohydrate: 36.

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