Gourmet Gold Mousselines for Cats 4x85g

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Made with high quality ingredients.

100% complete and balanced diet for adult cats.

No added colorings. No added artificial flavors and no added artificial preservatives.

Served in 85g boxes to keep each meal fresh and convenient to serve.

A different tasty texture every day.

The cardboard and boxes inside are designed to be recyclable.

You don’t want your cat to get tired of his meals and you always want to surprise him by offering him different textures to delight his palate. GOURMET® GOLD has therefore created Les Mousselines, a delicious recipe that will awaken your cat’s palate with a unique culinary experience. Soft mousses with beef, chicken, salmon or other succulent flavors, carefully prepared to offer your cat the pleasure of a delicate sensation. GOURMET® GOLD Mousselines, seduce your cat with a creamy and refined meal!


With tuna :

Meat and animal by-products

Fish and fish by-products (tuna 4%)

Mineral substances

Plant-based by-products


With the Liver:

Meat and animal by-products (58%, including liver 12%)

Mineral substances

Plant-based by-products


Turkey style:

Meat and animal by-products (57%, including turkey 4%)

Mineral substances

Plant-based by-products


With Beef:

Meat and animal by-products (57%, including beef 4%)

Mineral substances

Plant-based by-products



Nutrition and analytical constituents:

Humidity: 77.5%

Protein: 10.5%

Fat content: 6.5%

Raw ash: 3.00%

Crude fiber: 0.05%


Nutritional additives


Vit A: 850;

Vit D3: 130.


Iron (II) sulfate monohydrate: (Fe: 9.8);

Anhydrous calcium iodate: (I: 0.24);

Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate: (Cu: 0.80);

Manganous sulfate monohydrate: (Mn: 1.8);

Zinc sulfate monohydrate: (Zn: 17.6);

Taurine: 530;


Feeding guide:

For an adult cat weighing around 4 kg, give 2 to 3 cans per day, preferably divided into at least 2-3 meals. The recommended daily rations are calculated for a cat with moderate activity under normal environmental and temperature conditions. Nutritional needs may vary depending on the cat, so these rations must be adjusted in order to maintain it at its ideal weight. Serve at room temperature. Always leave clean, fresh water available to your cat.

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