Pro Plan Kibbles for Medium Dogs with Chicken 3kg

د.م. 300,00


Promotes the maintenance of good health on a daily basis.

Superior nutrient absorption to meet your dog’s needs.

Helps keep your dog’s coat shiny from roots to tips.

A combination of essential nutrients to help support good joint health.

High quality chicken as #1 ingredient.

Complete food for medium-sized adult dogs.

A combination of specially selected nutrients, with levels adapted for dogs of different sizes and shapes to support their specific needs and help them stay at their best.


High quality chicken (20%) (including back and chest)


Dehydrated poultry proteins


Rice (9%)

Animal fats

Dehydrated beet pulp


Soy flour

Corn protein flour

Wheat gluten

Mineral substances

Dehydrated eggs

Fish oil

Nutrition and analytical constituents:

Humidity: 8.0%

Protein: 26.0%

Fat: 16.0%

Carbohydrates: 40.5%

Raw Cellulose: 2.0%

Raw ashes: 7.5%

Nutrient contents & average caloric intake in food:

Calcium: 1.32%

Phosphorus: 0.87%

Sodium: 0.39%

Chlorine: 0.71%

Potassium: 0.64%

Magnesium: 0.11%

Linoleic acid: 2.6%

Omega 3 0.3%

Omega 3 2.1%

DHA: 0.07%

EPA+DHA: 0.16%


Iron 25.2;

Zinc: 18.5;

Copper: 2.1;

Manganese: 7.2;

Iodine: 0.282;

Selenium: 0.042.


Vit. A: 17720;

Vit. D3: 1002;

Vit. E: 475.


Vit. K: 0.15;

Vit. C: 70;

Vit. B1:27;

Vit. B2:13;

Vit. B3: 157;

Vit. B5:44;

Vit. B6:15;

Vit. B8: 0.21;

Vit. B9: 4.41;

Vit. B12: 0.24;

Choline: 1866;

Taurine: 816.

Metabolizable energy (calculated) 3.895 kcal/g.

Feeding guide:

See the table of recommended daily rations. These rations are given for information only. To help your dog maintain ideal body condition, daily rations must be adapted to his activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Fresh, clean water should always be available to your dog. To monitor your dog’s health, consult your veterinarian regularly.

<1h of activity 1 to 3 h of activity
Dog weight g/day g/day
1 kg 35 40
5 kg 105 120
10 kg 165 190
15 kg 220 250
20 kg 265 305
25 kg 310 355
35 kg 385 440
45 kg 455 525
60 kg 555 635
70 kg 615 705
Weight 3,1 kg


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