Pro Plan Kibbles for Medium Puppies with Chicken 3kg

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Enriched with colostrum to help boost puppies’ immune response by up to 50% more.

An adapted combination of protein and fat contents: to promote healthy growth and good long-term health.

A combination of essential nutrients to help support your pup’s joint health.

Energy adapted to your puppy’s more active metabolism.

High quality chicken as #1 ingredient.

Complete food for medium-sized puppies.

Enriched with Colostrum, to help strengthen the puppy’s natural defenses to better meet everyday challenges. Also suitable for pregnant or lactating female dogs.


High quality chicken (20%) (including back and chest)


Dehydrated poultry proteins

Animal fats

Rice (8%)

Soy flour

Corn protein flour



Dehydrated beet pulp

Fish oil

Dehydrated eggs

Mineral substances

Dehydrated colostrum (0.1%).

Nutrition and analytical constituents:

Humidity: 8.0%

Protein: 30.0%

Fat: 19.0%

Carbohydrates: 33.5%

Raw Cellulose: 2.0%

Raw ashes: 7.5%

Nutrient contents & average caloric intake in food:

Calcium: 1.50%

Phosphorus: 1.02%

Sodium: 0.39%

Chlorine: 0.56%

Potassium: 0.69%

Magnesium: 0.13%

Linoleic acid: 2.8%

Omega 3 0.3%

Omega 3 2.3%

DHA: 0.07%

EPA+DHA: 0.17%


Iron 25.7;

Zinc: 17.2;

Copper: 2.1;

Manganese: 6.2;

Iodine: 0.256;

Selenium: 0.041.


Lives. A: 18129;

Lives. D3: 1037;

Lives. E: 207.


Vit. K: 0.15;

Vit. C: 60;

Lives. B1:27;

Vit. B2:14;

Vit. B3: 162;

Vit. B5: 45;

Vit. B6:16;

Vit. B8: 0.22;

Vit. B9: 4.56;

Vit. B12: 0.25;

Choline: 2016;

Taurine: 913.

Metabolizable energy (calculated) 4,050 kcal/g.

Feeding guide:

See the table of recommended daily rations. These rations are given for information only. To help your puppy or dog maintain ideal body condition, daily rations must be adapted to their activity level, physical condition and individual needs. During weaning, gradually introduce solid foods. Fresh, clean water should always be available to your dog. To monitor your dog’s health, consult your veterinarian regularly.

Poids de mère (kg) Gestation 6-9 semaines Lactation
1 40-50g À volonté
5 110-140g
10 175-225g
15 230-295g
20 280-360g
25 325-415g
35 410-520g
45 485-615g
60 585-745g
70 650-830g

Poids attendu du chiot à l’âge adulte (kg) Quantité quotidienne (en grammes)
Âge du chiot (mois)
1 mois 1.5-3 mois 4-5 mois 6-8 mois 9-11 mois 12-24 mois
1 2g + lait 30-45g 50-45g 45-40g 40g 40-Adulte
5 2g + lait 80-125g 130-135g 135-115g 115-110g 110-Adulte
10 5g + lait 110-175g 195-205g 205-180g 180-175g 175-Adulte
15 5g + lait 130-230g 265-285g 290-275g 260-245g 225-Adulte
20 10g + lait 145-295g 325-380g 315-385g 375-355g 325-Adulte
25 10g + lait 145-295g 325-380g 315-385g 375-355g 325-Adulte
35 10g + lait 180-305g 380-410g 440-485g 510-475g 415-405g
45 15g + lait 195-300g 400-430g 450-495g 530-510g 465-455g
60 15g + lait 250-395g 475-535g 575-650g 690-650g 575-570g
70 15g + lait 275-440g 525-590g 640-720g 765-722g 635-630g
Weight 3,1 kg


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